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quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2014


Dry spring reaches the São Francisco River in Minas
Situation was perceived during a fire fighting; level is "worrying", according to committee
The source of the river São Francisco is drying. The alert is the chair of the Serra da Canastra National Park, where the 2700 km of the river begin to rise. The main source of San Francisco is in São Roque de Minas, in the Midwest region of the state.
According to a park official who identified himself as Darlan, several dry spotswere noticed during combat a fire that threatened the river's source. The director, Luiz Arthur Castanheira, was not available for comment.
Already the press office of the Serra da Canastra National Park, through the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, said that concrete data should be passed only on Wednesday (24).
"Worrisome situation"
The CBHSF (Basin Committee of the São Francisco River) was also not informed of the drought on the river's source. The vice-president of the association, Wagner Soares Costa, said he is in "doubt" about the possible lack of water.
- We is in doubt because the river has a spring only, but a group. It is next to one another.
Even so, according to the representative, the local situation is worrying.
- It is true that the flow greatly reduced, is scary. Três Marias is very low, which means that in all rivers that supply above the dam is critical.
The watershed of the São Francisco River crosses seven Brazilian states and is considered one of the most important by volume of water transported in the semiarid region of the country. São 639,219 kilometers of drainage area and average flow of 2,850 m³ / s, accounting for 2% of total Brazil.
According to Costa, the current condition, especially in Minas Gerais, is "uncertainty".
- It is a very big concern because a river with a crisis ... this is worrying for other rivers that are in that region. The Sweet river flow is too low, the Jequitinhonha too.
The only solution, according to the vice-chairman of the committee, is to wait for the rain.
- It has to rain. And in abundance.
The São Francisco River is born in the Serra da Canastra, seeping through Bahia and Pernambuco, when you change its course, reaching the Atlantic Ocean through the border of Alagoas and Sergipe.
The Basin has seven units of the federation - Bahia (48.2%), Minas Gerais (36.8%), Pernambuco (10.9%), Alagoas (2.2%), Sergipe (1.2%), Goiás (0.5%), and the Federal District (0.2%) - and 504 municipalities (about 9% of all municipalities in the country).
Minas has more than 130 municipalities in emergency because of secaSeca in reservoirs makes cities of SP and MG enact emergência After 35 days of drought, there is possibility of rain in BH and metropolitanaSeca region leaves 94 cities in Minas situation emergency

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