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quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2014


TJ sends break confidentiality pornographic conversations WhatsApp
Photo of University of São Paulo was used in assemblies of two groups in the application
The Court of Sao Paulo Brazil ruled that Facebook, the owner WhatsApp application, disclose the identity of persons involved in conversations of two groups who exchanged messages and pornographic pictures of assemblies with a Sao Paulo university student. The company should display all information regarding IP's profiles and the content of the conversations of groups between days 26 and May 31, 2014, within five days.
A Facebook photo of a student at Mackenzie University profile has been used in pornographic productions of two groups in Whatsapp. The young man began to receive phone calls with offers of sex work.
Facebook bought the application in February this year. In the process, the company said it could not give application data because we have not completed the purchase and acquisition of the requested information would be on the platform WhatsApp Inc, a company based in the United States and without representation in Brazil.
The group believes that the action believes that the measure is likely to comply. "The service WhatsApp is widespread in Brazil and, once acquired by Facebook, and only having representation in this country, must keep and maintain their records, providing means to identify users and content inserted there conversations - determination, moreover, that finds support in the rule in Article 13 of Law 12,965 / 2014 (known as the Marco Civil Internet), "said the judge Salles Rossi, rapporteur of the case.
With the word, Facebook Brazil. A spokesperson for Facebook Brazil said the company does not comment on specific cases. "But clarifies that the acquisition of WhatsApp has not yet been completed and that both companies operate independently."

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