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quarta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2014

Dear Dilma Rousseff and Aetius Neves,

Dear Dilma Rousseff and Aetius Neves,

The responsible logging in the Amazon can be one of the most important tools for maintaining the living forest, and generate income for their populations and for the country. But today, this exploration is carried out illegal and predatory manner, contributing to forest degradation and deforestation, leaving a trail of serious social consequences and biodiversity. Between August 2011 and July 2012, it is estimated that the two largest producers of wood Amazon states, Pará and Mato Grosso, respectively 78% and 54% of the sector's activities occurred illegally.

A two-year investigation by Greenpeace revealed that the current system of control of trade in forest products is not only flawed, but helps feed this sad picture. Often, instead of containing crime, it is used to legalize the wood produced from predatory and illegal way, which will later be sold to consumers in Brazil and around the world.

Given the current lack of framework that prevails over logging in the Amazon urgent and vigorous action are necessary. How worried about Amazon forest peoples and citizens, I ask you gentlemen to commit to the changes that the Brazilian government should do to ensure the sustainable exploitation of the forest:

  - Make an immediate review of all forest management plans (FMPs), approved in the Amazon since 2006.

- Develop and implement new rules to ensure effective assessment and approval of forest management plans, and makes them public.

- Implementing a control system of Amazon timber that is transparent, public and standardized nationally.

- Prioritize the implementation of an ambitious plan for the effective functioning of community forestry.

- Improve governance in the region, increasing the capacity and infrastructure of federal and state environmental agencies and the resources for surveillance, monitoring and enforcement, including strict penalties for those convicted of crimes forest.

- Review all licenses sawmill and create a new regulatory system for your operation.

The Amazon is a heritage of all Brazilians, besides being the largest rainforest in the world and shelter biodiversity and invaluable cultural richness. Protect it is to take care of the future of the whole Brazil.


Rose Figueiredo

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