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terça-feira, 21 de outubro de 2014

Greenpeace Índia

Hi Rosi,
You did it. Mahan forests stand tall for NOW, and it was only because of YOUR support. We want to say a big THANK YOU for supporting Junglistan.
YOU helped us convey a strong message on India’s forests and habitat. And the fight is NOW becoming bigger. The future of India’s environment looks bleak. Several bodies and institutions protecting our environmental laws are under direct threat.
- Diluting the scope of National Green Tribunal (this tribunal put a stay order against felling of Mahan forest trees) The NGT was set up as the first appeal court in case of environmental disputes. Clipping its wings would be a HUGE blow to the ecology of India.
- Dilution of the Forest Rights Act (FRA). These rights are recognised by our constitution and diluting them would be detrimental to India’s democratic system. Remember, how a forged gram sabha was conducted in Mahan, Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh? This led to an advocacy campaign by villagers Mahan to stand up for their rights and demand a fresh gram sabha.
And Rosi, there’s more. A new committee called the High Level Committee (HLC) is set up to review some of the most crucial environmental laws like - Environment Protection Act (EPA), Forest Conservation Act (FCA), Wildlife Protection Act (WPA), Water and Air Pollution Acts.
India’s forests need our support more than ever. Tell everyone you know to JOIN JUNGLISTAN!
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That’s all for now. We will be in touch when we know more!
Brikesh Singh's
Brikesh Singh
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