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quinta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2014


You might have heard some of the words in Hindi which occurs quite often and therefore learned the meaning. But you heard the same word but it means completely different than you’d expected! Don’t disappoint yourselves, it is not your fault. There are words in Hindi language which carry multiple meanings.  Let me show you some important words which have multiple meaning as per the context.
अच्छा (Accha) – Nice, well, good, really.
This word is really a multipurpose word which can be used in a variety of situations to convey different meanings. Let me show you some of the examples.
1. अच्छा! (Accha!) – Great! or nice!
2. बहुत अच्छा गाना गया! (Bahut accha gana gaya!) – you’ve sung very well!
3. अच्छा? (Accha?) – Really?
ठीक (Thik) – Well, okay, fine, careful
This word is also used very often and may have different meanings as per the situation. Some of the examples are:
1. ठीक है (Thik hai) – Okay (or fine)
2. ठीक से जाना (Thik se jana) – drive carefully or go carefully.
3. ठीक से रहना (Thik se rehna) – be careful.
4. आप ठीक हो? (Aap thik ho?) – are you well?
वाला/वाली (Wala/Wali) - Genitive case (of)
This word is simple to understand and remember if you think of this as genitive case or possessive case. For example, दूधवाला (Dudhwala) – lit. Man of milk (Milkman). Further examples:
1. सब्जीवाला (Sabjiwala) – Veg. Grocer)
2. रिक्शावाला (Rikshawala – Riksha puller)
3. दुकानवाला (Dukanwala – Shop Owner)
कौनसा काम? (Kaunsa kaam?) – Which work?
1.कलवाला (Kalwala) – of yesterday (kaam/work is omitted)
2.स्कूलवाला (Skoolwala) – of school (kaam/work is omitted)
Further examples:
कौनसा घर? (Kaunsa ghar?) – which house?
1. नीले रंग वाला (Pile rang wala) – of yellow color
2. पीले रंग वाला (Nile rang wala) – of blue color
कौनसा पेन चाहिए? (Kaunsa pen chahiye) – which pen do you want?
1. स्याही वाला (Syaahi wala) – of ink (a fountain pen).
यह काम किसने किया?! (Yeh kaam kisne kiya?!) – who did this?!
1. छोटे वाले ने (Chote wale ne) – the small one.
बात (Baat) – Conversation, matter, news, etc
This word may confuse as it also has multiple meanings and you must know the context to which this will make any sense. Some of the examples are:
1. मैं आप से बात करना चाहता हूँ। (Mein aap se baat karna chahta hoon) – I would like to talk to you.
2. यह बात तो बहुत अच्छी है। (Yeh baat to bahut acchi hai) – This is a good news.
3. क्या बात है! (Kya baat hai!) – Awesome!
4. क्या बात है? (Kya baat hai?) – What is the matter?

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