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Once you have gone through several cities in Europe and Brazil is now the turn of Rio de Janeiro.

The more colorful world music festival comes to Rio de Janeiro on January 11, 2015, from 14: 00, VIA PARK SHOPPING (PARKING).


Inspired by the "Holi" of India, Happy Holi is a music festival which celebrates the unity and joy of life while you engage in magic color.

The headliners are you and the colors, with the incredible music R & B, hip-hop and lots of electronics provided by DJ's from Europe and Brazil.

The ATTRACTIONS will be revealed soon!

45m on 45m, place the "ColorBlast'S" - the highlight of the festival - with the explosion of colors, when all throw the high colored powder, filling the atmosphere of color and magic, creating a unique and memorable moment in the festival music.

We invite everyone to join friends, wearing white clothes and prepare to paint and be painted a thousand colors, in a day of much color, music and JOY!

Watch the videos of Back Issues:

Lisbon, 14 September 2013: https://vimeo.com/80218820

Fortaleza, February 23, 2014: http://goo.gl/WHX3Al

Goiânia, June 15, 2014: http://goo.gl/ddHFjl

Porto, July 20, 2014: http://goo.gl/GyJDKJ


STAY ON! All information will be posted on the official facebook Happy Holi Rio de Janeiro.


• What is the Happy Holi?

Happy Holi is a festival of electronic music, color and joy, where thousands of people dressed in white come together and create a human color palette in a single moment of celebration of pure joy. Inspired ho Holi festival in India held annually in the spring.

• Where is done?

The event was born in 2013 in Europe. In 2014 is to be held in Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Mozambique, Guatemala, among others.

• Where will take place in Brazil?

After Fortaleza, Campo Grande, Goiania, Bethlehem, Aracaju, Maceio, Recife and Brasilia, Happy Holi continues its tour through several cities, including: Salvador, Curitiba, Ribeirao Preto, Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Sao Paulo, Cuiabá, Christmas and many other ...

• What is the public profile?

The Happy Holi is a festival for all ages. Everyone has the right to live this wonderful party. Most of the audience is made up of young people from 16 to 25 years. However families with children are very welcome.

• Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy online at http://goo.gl/mzn4uq
Enjoy the promotional web price !!

Soon the tickets will also be on sale in physical points. Stay tuned!

• Do I have to exchange tickets?

If purchased online, print your ticket and present at the gate on the day of the event. The ticket is validated digitally.

• What is the classification?

>> Cabin

Free access to 18 years

Under 18, with parental consent or legal guardian.

Under 16 accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

>> Track

Above 16 years - Free access.

Youth aged 12 to 16 years - Requiring parental permission in writing with RG copy of parents.

12 Years of minors - should be accompanied by the parent, legal guardian or authorized by most parents.

>>>> Model-release: http://goo.gl/Ok726r

• What kind of music I can listen at Happy Holi?

No Happy Holi just rolls TOP music. You'll hear a lot of electronic music and also hip-hop. The greatest hits of the moment.

• What are the attractions?

The attractions will be revealed soon!

• There alcoholic beverage on track?

Yes, but only have access to alcohol bar who is greater. Not open bar.

• Children can go to the cabin?

Free access to 18 years

Under 18, with parental consent or legal guardian.

Under 16 accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

• The cabin is open bar?


• Those who buy cabin entry has access to the track?

Yes, but you can not take alcohol to the track.

• What are the advantages of the box?

In the box you may benefit from:

- Increased comfort

- Covered Area

- Bar, Food Court and WC's private

• Where can I raise the ZIM (colored powder), included in the entry?

Upon entering the room, on the day of the event, we deliver colored powder kit.

• When you start the festival and when starting the colors?

The Festival starts at 14h. Doors open at 13h.

15h starts the countdown and make the first explosion of colors. 45 45m will be made in a new explosion of colors.

• What time ends the festival?

The festival ends at 22h.

• Can I bring my own colored powder?

As the environment and the health of all is very important to us, we only accept ZIM (colored powder) certified quality, which can be purchased within the grounds. To ensure the safety of all, is not allowed to bring ZIM abroad.

• Can I buy more ZIM (colored powder) in the event?


• The colors disappear in the wash?

Yes, usually the ZIM (colored powder) easily disappear with the washes. However we suggest used clothing. The organization is not responsible for any permanent damage.

• The colors are a danger to health?

No. Zim (color powder) is constituted by corn starch and natural dye. However it is recommended to use a mask for those with respiratory problems. We also suggest the use of glasses instead of contact lenses.

• What clothes should I use?

It is recommended to use a T-shirt or white top to bring out the colors.

• We can leave and re-enter the room?

No. Once out you can not re-enter with the same ticket.

• There is food and drink during the event?

Yes, we will have food court. It is not allowed to bring products from abroad.

• The Happy Holi is associated with the Indian Holi festival?

The Happy Holi is inspired by the original Indian Holi but is not associated or related to the same. There is no connotation of spiritual or religious motivation. The Happy Holi aims to promote the spirit of unity, joy and fun, with lots of music.

Happy Holi Rio de Janeiro - The Festival of Colours

Good day !! Check the comments who you want to give a KISS COLOR !!

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