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sábado, 6 de junho de 2015


As part of our development assistance program and self-sufficiency of 101 villages across India, we are working in the tribal village of Valaramkunnu in Wayanad district in Kerala. Just a year ago, most children abandoned the school and wandered through the nearby hills, despite being enrolled in school. One year after the beginning of our project, we have much to be proud of. Students who attend our center back to school, are clean and combed, abandoned the habit of smoking tobacco and chewing betel leaves. Children increased their level of awareness about adding and prevention. We provide sunlight to all the houses, water access and an educational center that motivates children to receive an education and to stay in school. Our AmritaCreate program of Amrita University working in this area to provide educational support to children through tablets and for them to return to school. This program also enables adults with a basic functional literacy. Recently, the new Electronic Literacy Program Amrita was introduced among the older students to learn to work with computers, create simple documents, access the Internet and fill out the forms for banks and other purposes. Similar efforts continue in parallel in villages of more than 20 states of India. # # AmritaSeRVe EmbracingtheWorld

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