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terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2016

Tree Day

Tree Day
Tree Day, September 21, importance of the date, bibliography, goals

In Brazil, the Arbor Day is celebrated on September 21, due to the spring Eve. It is in this season that the trees are full of green leaves, and many of them come beautiful flowers.

Importance of trees:

- Improve air quality, especially in large cities, because it reduces pollution;

- Serve as shelter for many species of birds;

- Fruit trees provide food for humans and various animal species;

- Provide shade and promote the temperature reduction in squares, parks and the like;

- Improve the humidity, important in dry days;

- Prevent soil erosion;

- The trees are the more beautiful rural and urban landscapes.

date of goals

- Educate people about the importance of trees to the environment and improving the quality of life;

- Create a culture of environmental preservation, combating illegal logging of trees present in the forests and in the cities;

- Develop tree seedling planting projects to increase afforestation, especially in large urban centers.

Tree world Day

- On March 21, is celebrated in many countries the World Tree Day and World Forest Day.

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