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When entering an environment, one of the first things we notice is the smell of the place. The sense of smell is both primitive and sophisticated and acts primarily on a subconscious level.
After all, the body reacts to a scent before it even becomes aware of it. And it is this direct interaction with the nervous system and the brain that gives the essential oils much of their therapeutic power.
Usually the room is a meeting place with friends and family. It is in this environment that we talk, relax and even study. Therefore, it is ideal that the place favors the well-being, the coziness and the concentration. The most suitable essential oils for the room are:
Essential Oil of Rosemary: stimulates concentration and memory. Great for anyone who studies in the room.
Cinnamon Essential Oil: stimulates, heats the environment providing interaction between people.
Essential Oil of Eucalyptus: clarifies the ideas and favors the concentration.
Essential oil of Ho leaf: promotes balance, calms nervousness and stimulates in cases of apathy.
Essential Oil of Mandarin: revitalizing and refreshing, it provides the well-being and the sensation of joy.
How to use:
Choose two of the above essential oils to combine aromas. Then, drip from 10 to 15 drops in total in an electric ambient flavoring or in a rechaud. Aromatize the room 30 minutes before receiving visits or studying, whenever you feel it necessary.
This is an environment where many scents are mixed, due to the seasonings, herbs and spices used in the dishes preparations. It is also a place of pleasure and joy. After all, to cook it is necessary to be well with life and to enjoy what you are doing. Otherwise, "the thing desanda", as the saying goes. In this room, the recommended essential oils are those that do not cancel the aroma of the preparations, but rather potentiate what is already in the air:
Orange Essential Oil: clears the thoughts, relieves tension, favors positivism and is refreshing, as well as flavoring with its sweet scent stimulating the appetite.
Cardamom Essential Oil: stimulates appetite is refreshing and revitalizing.
Citronella Essential Oil: In addition to revitalizing helps to ward off mosquitoes.
Essential Oil of Clove: stimulating and revitalizing when combined with the essential oil of orange or lemon is a great repellent of insects and ants.
Essential Oil of Black Pepper: it stimulates the appetite and gives energy in cases of frustration (if the roast does not work)
How to use:
In total, use 10 to 15 drops of one or more oils in an electric flavoring. Citrus essential oils should be used when you make fried foods, since they neutralize the odor of fat. The essential oils of Citronella and Clove can be used as insect repellent in the corners of the sink. To do this, drip a drop of each on a ceramic chip or a cotton ball. Another option is to use them inside the kitchen cabinets. In a plastic cup, put five pieces of chalk (the one to write on a school board) and drip two drops of each oil and place inside the cabinets. Reapply the oils in the glass every 10 days.
This place is where all the impurities are sent away. The toilet acts as a power drain and it is important to leave the toilet lid always lowered so that the bad fluids eliminated do not come back. This is the place of the house that must be very well cleaned and asks for fresh scents and sanitizers. Check out the essential oils most suitable for the environment:
Pine Essential Oil: antiseptic, deodorant and disinfectant, the oil leaves that scent of "washroom".
Essential Oil of Lemon: antiseptic and bactericidal, leaves the bathroom with a refreshing aroma.
Tea Tree Essential Oil: Antimicrobial, disinfectant and antiseptic, oil is very effective in killing bacteria, fungi and other germs.
How to use:
In an electric or ceramic flavoring, drip five drops of the chosen essential oil and leave to flavor the environment. If you prefer, after washing the bathroom, in a bucket of a quart of water drip 10 drops of essential oil of Pine or Tea Tree. Then just wipe the mix in the sink, the toilet and the bathroom floor with a cloth. In addition to flavoring this environment, the blend will still eliminate all bacteria.
The rooms are sacred places where people relax and seek to sleep well or enjoy sex. In children's rooms the best scents are those that relax, soothe, and induce a peaceful sleep. In the couples room, in addition to the aforementioned aromas, it is also possible to use oils that arouse sexual desire and spice up the relationship. Here are some tips:
Lavender Essential Oil: Soothing and sedative, great for a good night's sleep, as it also fights insomnia.
Essential Oil of Marjoram: mixed with Lavender, it is a great relaxing and sedative to combat insomnia.
Essential Oil of Chamomile Roman: great relaxing, helps fight anxiety. It also relieves worries, conveying peace.
Cinnamon Essential Oil: has aphrodisiac properties, stimulating the glandular system and warming the environment.
Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil: aphrodisiac, is used to help in problems with impotence. Leaves a sweet, floral and exotic scent in the air.
How to use:
To promote the good sleep of the little ones, ping in an electric flavoring or diffuser humidifier (which in addition to spreading the aroma also helps to humidify the air on dry weather days, preventing children from having dry and irritated nose and throat) 10 Drops of Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oil in total. Another alternative is to drip a drop of Lavender or Roman Chamomile essential oil on the bedding (especially on the pillowcase), one hour before the child sleeps.
In the adults' room, also in the electric aroma or rechaud, drip 10 to 15 drops of the chosen essential oils that best fit the occasion, whether to sleep, relax or spice up the relationship.
Gratitude - Namaste

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